Modified baking method

We revolutionize the bread-business

Unterbruch-Backmethode neu gedacht!

Newly modified baking method

Your bread stays fresh up to 10 days with our modified baking method!

With a vacuum cooler a new, revised modified baking method is possible, which will guarantee the quality of your bread for more than 10 days. The baked goods are shelf stable in refrigeration for 10 days or ambient for 5 days in a paper bag, without chemical preservatives and plastic packaging. We also integrate this EBS 3D process technology into existing vacuum cooling systems.

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Our Product

Let’s put an end to bread waste

...let's end this Waste!

Nowadays, three million tons of bread end up in the garbage in Europe every year.
The reason is that bakeries can’t sell all their bread before closing time or the bread quickly becomes old and hard at home.

We put an end to this waste of resources with an innovative process.

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