Wir gehen neue Wege!

We are going new ways!

Our philosophy

New production process

New production process for a longer shelf life of up to 10 days in refrigeration at +7°C, in paper bags and reusable containers. 100% environmentally friendly!

The combination of vacuum cooling and a fully automatic pre-dough system redefines the whole production process. This EBS 3-D process is suitable for the production of all baked goods – conventional, organic and gluten free.

19 years of practical experience

From 19 years of practical experience, among other things, this innovative process was developed to achieve a longer shelf life of baked goods, without chemical preservatives, foreign enzymes, etc..

Conclusion: Pure nature!

In the future, white baked goods will be produced with the innovation of the EBS 3-D concept with the modified baking method. This means that, depending on the product, the second baking step at the sales front will take no more than 8 minutes instead of 15 minutes or more.

Conclusion: Saves time and energy!

The EBS 3-D concept ensures an optimal product pressure and increases flexibility at the POS.

Waste bakery products (leftover bread and bakery products) are reduced.

Conclusion: high readiness for delivery!

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