Vacuum Cooling

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Vacuum System

The vacuum system is used for efficient cooling of food products.

Primarily, the system was designed for the cooling of bread and pastries. The whole system is modular and consists of the chamber module, which is responsible for the actual process, and the pump module, which is used to generate the vacuum.

Conclusion: Advantage

Reduced times:

  • Baking time: <25-50%

Improved quality:

Consistent and uniform quality due to high process reliability:

  • Crispness and freshness in all weather conditions
  • Fine and balanced flavours
  • Baking competence remains in the bakery

Good working conditions:

  • ttractive working conditions for good specialists thanks to reduced night shift and weekend work

Amortization in max. 2 years

Conclusion: Benefits

Transformation process:

  • Is carefully explained, accompanied and designed
  • User education & training


  • Once you’ve eaten these baked goods, you’ll prefer them to conventionally produced ones!
  • Better aroma and water retention

Effort and cost:

  • Modular design. The system can be expanded and upgraded
  • Minimal maintenance and upkeep costs

Price – performance:

  • 15 – 28 batches per hour, less storage space
  • Up to 80 % less waste baked goods (leftover breads)
  • WLess night and weekend costs
  • Vacuum pumps with high pumping speed

EBS – Core competence vacuum cooling


Together with Steinbeis consulting center, we analyze energy efficiency with you.


Experience the efficiency of the modified baking method in the Zeelandia baking competence center in Frankfurt a.M.


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